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Mod3 Art7 - Module 3 Article 7 OF NOTE The prevalence of...

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©Copyright 2011 MWK Publishing LLC; from The Complete Practitioner: Mental Health Applications (Vol. 4, No. 6 -- June 2001) For next article, go to next page. Module 3 --- Article 7 OF NOTE The prevalence of obesity among children is found to have more than doubled in less than 1 generation and is associated with increased television watching in children. Data on television watching, caloric intake, physical activity, and obesity were collected from a nationally representa- tive sample of 4069 children, ages 8 to 16 years. 44% of the children watched 3 hours or more of television a day. Only 56.7% reported engaging in physical activity at least 5 days per week. The prevalence of obesity was found to be lowest among those watching 1 hour or less of television a day, and highest among those watching 4 hours or more of television a day. Girls were found to engage in less physical activity and to have lower caloric intake per
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  • Spring '09
  • neimeyer
  • physical activity, Overweight, Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Crespo CJ, MWK Publishing LLC

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