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Psyc129 Carl Jung

Psyc129 Carl Jung - (Jung’s Integration Individuation...

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Jung’s Archetypes Shadow-compliment, dangerous/evil (most commonly projected  element of the subconscious) o Same sex o Ideas rejected from consciousness o Appears differently based on different sociocultural norms o “egocide”- against ego inflation (kills off ego)- self check Trickster- disrupts order   regrowth Anima- man’s repressed femininity  integration Animus- females repressed masculinity     Psych. Androgyny Hero- promotes psychological development Great Mother- nurturing, destructive Spiritual Father- patriarchal religion Mandala- Wholeness  Transformation- journey, Alchemy Sychronicity     “meaningful coincidences” acausal transpersonal forces connectedness Therapy   
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Unformatted text preview: (Jung’s) Integration, Individuation, against ego inflation balance, wholeness (Unconscious as ally, Complexes) • Dream work compensation o Recall, amplification, active imagination • Word Association • Play Therapy, Art Therapy Psych. Types (3) gathered to create Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) • I ntroversion-E xtroversion o Fundamental attitude • T hinking-F eeling judgements/decisions o Thinking -logic o Feeling- emotions • S ensing-I N tuition information gathering o Sensing- details, concrete o Intuition- broader • MBTI added J udging-P ercieving element o Get one letter from each group to determine type...
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Psyc129 Carl Jung - (Jung’s Integration Individuation...

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