Psyc015 Depth Perception

Psyc015 Depth Perception - an underdeveloped vision in one...

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Depth Perception Monocular Cues o Linear perspective and convergence- as lines appear to come  together, creates the illusion of distance o Relative Brightness- brighter objects are interpreted as being closer o Interposition and Relative height- covered objects are perceived  farther; taller objects are perceived closer o Gradient of texture- coarser objects are perceived as closer than  finer ones Binocular Cues o The angle of convergence required by our eyes to focus on an  object gives some clues as to how close or far away the object is If the object is close the angle will be smaller If the object is far away the angle will be larger Disorders of the Visual System o Strabismus (cross-eyes) Cross-eyes as a result of an imbalance in the eye muscles o Amblyopia Lazy eye as a result of muscle imbalance and the end result is 
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Unformatted text preview: an underdeveloped vision in one eye because the other eye is dominant o Sensory Disorders Pathways from the eye to the cortex are disrupted See Slide (Sensory Disruptions) for specific Disorderes *Pictue with description o Causes of Visual Field Defecits Patient presented with a large meningioma encasing her left optic nerve Monocular blindness o Perception Disorders Pathways remain in tact but the cortex (usually temporal lobe) is damaged Object Agnosia Cannot identify an object in sight, but can up on touch Can see objects and respond to them, but they have no meaning Porosopagnosia Difficulty recognizing familiar faces Fusimorm Face Area is damanged Movment Agnosia...
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Psyc015 Depth Perception - an underdeveloped vision in one...

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