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Response Paper #1 -A&P - English 220 Quainat Zaman...

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English 220 Zaman 1 Quainat Zaman L.Stein 14 February 2011 Response Paper 1 John Updike Sammy, a nineteen year old has been working the cash register and cannot help but notice the three scantily dressed girls, however, unlike Lengel; he appreciates this ephemeral trance he’s placed in through their revealing body. Through John Updike’s characterization of Sammy becoming infatuated by these teenage girls and swift change in setting, Updike effectively portrays Sammy’s transition from a teenager to a young man, as well as leave the impression for readers that it is imperative to stand up for what one feels is right. Updike uses Sammy as a tool to describe teenage fervor and the down to earth trait that some possess. It is imperative to understand that Sammy’s fervor for the teenage girls is strategic to understand why he leaves his position at the supermarket. Sammy states, “there was nothing between the top of the suit and the top of her head except just her , this clean bare plane on the top of her chest down from the shoulder bones like a dented sheet of metal tilted in the light.”(Updike 301) Updike’s diction connotes that Sammy doesn’t feel that a simple laconic phrase to describe Queenie would do her justice, instead Sammy lingers upon the “bare plane and shoulder bones like a dented sheet of metal.” The mood that is evoked amongst readers is that time has stood still for a while because everyone reading Sammy’s perspective is left in awe at Queenie’s beauty. Readers feel a sense of empathy for Sammy because he is
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infatuated by a complete stranger. Through this imagery that Sammy paints for readers, the first person
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Response Paper #1 -A&P - English 220 Quainat Zaman...

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