chear sheet - CH15 SURFACE/STREAM The flat-lying area...

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CH15 SURFACE/STREAM: The flat-lying area surrounding a river channel is termed floodplain Headwater erosion occurs near the start of a stream. Turbulent flow is more likely to occur in irregular-shaped channels with high flow velocities. contains the largest-size particles being transported by a stream bed load. drainage pattern typically forms in flat-lying strata of uniform lithology dendritic A. Discharge decreases downstream.FALSEB. Channel width increases with increasing discharge.C. Channel depth increases with increasing discharge.D. Velocity increases with increasing discharge , water will flow faster in a stream that has a steep stream gradient V- shaped stream valleys result from the downcutting of stream erosion and mass wasting (landsliding, slumping) on the valley sides The stream gradient is greater near the source (start) than near the mouth (end) . is not associated with meandering streams? cut bank, point bar, bar, oxbow lake . True CH16:-TIDES/COASTAL: Coastal processes are of interest to geologists, but affect relatively 60%. The most prominent force producing tides on Earth is the Moon’s gravitational pull The size of the intertidal zone is affected by the slope of the coastline the position of the moon the position of the moonA very high tidal range results when the Earth, Moon, and sun are all lined up As waves approach shore in shallow water their speed decreases.T he wavelength of a wave is 20 m, the approx. depth of wave base is 10. . Ripple marks in sediment caused by ocean waves are present only above the wave base Which T-A. Beaches generally become wider in the winter.B. Breakers form in the region where wave base is located above the seafloor.C. In the open ocean, the passage of a wave results in significant forward motion of packets of water . Water associated with swash travels up the beach in the direction of wave motion whereas water associated with backwash always travels down the maximum slope of the beach.E. Wave refraction causes wave action to be concentrated on embayments . Currents of water that travel out to sea in discrete locations are called r ip currents. Longshore currents flow parallel to the shoreline swimmer caught in a current heading out to sea should swim perpendicular to the current (parallel to the shoreline)B. spit, baymouth bar,barrier island The wavecut bench (or platform) is an erosional feature produced at a rocky shoreline at wave base; all of the other terms of depositional features. On a coastline that is trending east-west, a spit projects from the east side of a bay toward the middle of the bay. Longshore currents are flowing from the east to the west A wave-cut notch is located above wave base and a wave-cut bench is located at wave base . True Bermuda (slide 32) is located north of 30 latitude, yet still has coral reefs. This is possible because warm water from the Gulf Stream current flows near Bermuda. landforms that are associated
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chear sheet - CH15 SURFACE/STREAM The flat-lying area...

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