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THE-3 PLAY REVIEW FORMAT The Inland Empire provides a variety of theatrical events from professional to community theatre productions. This assignment is for you to see 2 productions and write your response to each. This means describe what you saw and evaluate what was good, bad, or both. Write two typed pages. Pretend your audience is other students who are trying to decide what’s worth seeing in our area. Part of your responsibility as an observer/participant is to be willing to keep an open mind. It is not necessary for you to agree with or approve of what you are hearing or seeing. In fact, once the show is over you may find you reject all of it. However, during the performance you should try to suspend judgment and experience the play. If you are concerned about content, research your options BEFORE deciding what to attend! Write notes before the play begins, during the intermission, and immediately afterwards. As soon as possible turn your notes into an outline for the paper while events are fresh in your mind. BE SURE TO READ AND KEEP THE
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