Exam 1 Solutions - FIN 3403 2008 Fall Term Business Finance...

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A Name (Printed) ___________Solutions_____________ Signature ____________________________________ UF ID# ______________________ Group Number ________________ INSTRUCTIONS READ THIS PAGE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOU MUST BE IN THE CORRECT ROOM OR YOUR EXAM WILL NOT BE GRADED DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO 1. Close all books. The only items allowed on the desk are a #2 pencil, your exam, the equation packet supplied by us, a non-text storing calculator, and your scantron answer sheet. All other materials, such as computers, cell phones (please turn them off), PDAs, iPODs, text messaging devices, etc. must be placed in a closed backpack or purse (not visible to you or others), which, in turn, must be placed on the floor under your chair. 2. Calculators which store text, such as the TI-83, are not allowed and their use will be considered a violation of the honor code. 3. Print your name on this exam, fill in your UF ID# and Group Number, and then sign this exam in the space provided: we will collect this first page when you turn in your scantron sheet. 4. Fill in the information requested on the scantron answer sheet and then bubble in the corresponding data: Last Name, First Initial, Middle Initial, UF ID# (left justified in the space marked either UF ID or SSN), Exam Code (Test Form Code), and Group Number (right justified in the space for Section Number: e.g., Group 3 = 0003; Group 25 = 0025, etc.). 5. Your UF ID is on your Gator 1 ID card. If you have an “old” card, look for the 14-digit number on the card. Your UF ID consists of the eight digits that follow the number 200 (the first three digits). 6. Failure to follow steps 3, 4, and 5 above will result in a 5-point penalty being subtracted from your score. 7. This exam consists of 28 questions: 1 Administrative question worth 5 points; 10 True/False questions worth 1 point each; and 17 Problem-oriented questions worth 5 points each. Answer the questions in Rows 1-28 of the scantron. There is no penalty for guessing, so you should attempt to answer all of the questions. Select the most correct (best) answer . 8. Proctors will not answer questions involving the exam materials or questions on the exam: being able to understand the question is part of the exam. 9. Proctors will not review your scantron for correctness at the end of the exam before you turn it in. Items 3, 4, and 5 above are your responsibility, not theirs. 10. Proctors may move students during the exam to lessen the possibility for cheating. If you are asked to move, it does not mean that you are cheating: you may be moved so that another student cannot copy from your exam. 11. Cheating is a serious matter and will be dealt with severely. By turning in the scantron answer sheet to this exam you are confirming that all work on this exam is your own and that you have not received help from any other source (i.e., cheated) in answering the questions on this exam. 12.
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Exam 1 Solutions - FIN 3403 2008 Fall Term Business Finance...

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