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Career Showcase Essentials - Career Showcase Essentials FOR...

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W a r r i n g t o n D i p l o m a t s , S h o w c a s e E s s e n t i a l s Page 1 Career Showcase: Essentials FOR A SUCCESFUL EXPERIENCE Before Showcase: Do your research o CRC website/ Gator Career Link o Look up companies that are attending do research on those you are interested in. Review their mission statement, recent company news and annual report Make brief notes to study before you approach each company o Prepare different resumes for different companies/different types of positions you are interested in o Practice your one-minute commercial o Think of specific questions to ask companies (about the company, their market, challenges/expectations for interns) At Showcase o Spend some time walking around the floor to get comfortable o Don’t start with your #1 choice, warm up with a few different companies first o Review the details about each company that you brought with you know the position, title and location o Don’t take freebies before you talk to the representative o First impressions are important! Smile, firm handshake, introduce yourself One minute commercial Maintain eye contact Ask appropriate questions (Not about salary) Tell them why you are a good match for the company/position o Close the conversation with confidence, a smile and another firm handshake Re-affirm your interest in the position/company Thank them Ask for busines s card if you don’t already have one Do’s: Be assertive without being rude Be sensitive to others waiting behind you Maximize your time at the career fair
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Career Showcase Essentials - Career Showcase Essentials FOR...

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