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Website Resources :   www.labormarketinfo.com   Go to A-Z index.    http://www.labormarketinfo.com/library/pubs/other/education_pays-8.5x11.pdf   Education Pays.   http://www.labormarketinfo.com/wec/tols/10_11/10-11_000009.pdf   Regional Target Occupations List   http://www.labormarketinfo.com/wec/tols/10_11/10-11_000000.pdf  Statewide demand by Occupational  category     Assignment: Start on  www.labormarketinfo.com   Go to A-Z index.    Employment projections: http://www.labormarketinfo.com/ep/index.htm   From Hot Jobs in Florida  http://www.whatpeopleareasking.com/hot_jobs.asp?port=E   Select a job  category on list for your group.     List at least 3 related job categories. http://www.labormarketinfo.com/library/maps/laus/unemp_labforce.pdf   What does the unemployment rate  look like in the region of Florida your "job candidate" is looking to work in?  
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This note was uploaded on 02/10/2011 for the course GEB 4930 taught by Professor Jaimelittle during the Fall '10 term at University of Florida.

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LMI Assignment - WebsiteResources:...

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