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Lecture outline. Nazism

Lecture outline. Nazism - -Dictator 4 Nazism as a...

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Nazism 1. Effects of WWI that contributed to the rise of the totalitarian movements - Demoralization and disillusionment - Loss of faith in liberal values - A new generation and the brutalizing effects of the war - Economic crisis - Centralization and strengthening of state power 2. Post-war crisis in Europe and the emergence of the authoritarian regimes - Collapse of the newly established democracies (Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania) - Economic dislocation - Political instability - Victory of the Communists in Russia 3. The rise of Hitler - Humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles - Weaknesses of the Weimar republic - Post-war deep economic crisis - Hitler’s personality - Failed coup (Munich Beer Hall Putsch, 1923) - Change in strategy and the Great Depression
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Unformatted text preview: -Dictator 4. Nazism as a doctrine-Extreme nationalism-Rejection of the liberal concept of the individual-Criticism of materialism. New ideals – heroic deeds and self-sacrifice-Rejection of the class theory and internationalism-Rejection of rationalism. In contrast stress of will, feeling, instinct, action-Cult of the leader: one leader, one party, one national will-Racism: struggle for survival between superior and inferior races -Anti-Communism-Anti-Semitism-The social base of Nazism Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) Paul von Hindenburg Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) Treaty of Versailles Weimar republic Nazism National Sot German Workers’ Party – Nazis Munich Beer Hall putsch Mein Kampf Fascism...
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Lecture outline. Nazism - -Dictator 4 Nazism as a...

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