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Study guide. Test 2 Industrial revolution, Revolution and Counterrevolution, Nations and States, New Ideologies, Marx, Engels, The Communist Manifesto I. Industrial Revolution (IR): You have to know: - What is the IR - When did the IR begin - What country was the first to industrialize and why - Stages of the IR - Technological and social changes it brought about Terminology: Explain the meaning of the term, give the century (ies) when this historical phenomenon appeared, the countries where it existed, and the people (if applicable) who represented this phenomenon in history. Industrial Revolution Second Industrial Revolution Technological side of the Industrial Revolution Social side of the Industrial Revolution Social mobility Urbanization Working class (proletariat) Middle class (bourgeoisie) II. Bourgeois Civilization and Liberalism You have to know: - When liberalism appeared in Europe - Worldview of what social group liberalism represented - Stages in the development of liberalism - Main principles of liberalism (individual liberty, liberal economic theory, liberalism and democracy, social views) - Difference between laissez-faire liberalism and liberal democracy Terminology: Laissez-faire liberalism Liberal democracy Malthusianism Personalities:
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Study_guide_._Test_2._Europe,_spring_2010 - Study guide....

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