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Study_guide_._Test_3._Europe,_Spring 2010

Study_guide_._Test_3._Europe,_Spring 2010 - Study guide...

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Study guide. Test 3 (New Imperialism and WWI, Russian revolutions, Stalinism) I. New Imperialism - What is New Imperialism?( Economic interpretations, nationalistic interpretations, military and strategic interests, ideological and cultural interpretations). - Major conflicts of interests (Africa, India, China, Japan, Balkans) Terminology Colonialism Imperialism Industrial Revolution New Imperialism “Open door” policy Darwinism Social Darwinism Racism Boers Events Conference in Berlin, 1884 Boer war, 1899-1902 Sepoy Mutiny, 1857-1858 Boxer rebellion, 1900 Meiji restoration Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905 Crimean war, 1853-1856 Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 Treaty of San-Stefano, 1878 Treaty of Berlin, 1878 New states: Bulgaria Serbia Romania Montenegro II. World War I (WWI). - Dates of WWI - Names and the memberships of the two military blocks who fought in this war (lecture outline + textbook) - Reasons for fighting
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- Major fronts and battles (lecture outline) - Names of the new countries that emerged as a result of the war - Major peace treaties and their conditions (Versailles, Brest-Litovsk) Terminology Triple Entente Central Powers
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