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Unformatted text preview: Factors that affect rates and Factors that affect rates and expressions of disorders • • • • • • Stress Child maltreatment Sex differences Poverty and socioeconomic disadvantage Race/ethnicity Culture Minority children Minority children • Are over­represented in the rates of some childhood/adolescent disorders, such as substance abuse, delinquency, and teen suicide • HOWEVER, once the effects of SES, sex, age, and referral status are controlled for, very few differences in rates remain Issues for minority children Issues for minority children • Majority culture has generally neglected to • • • • respect or understand the beliefs of culturally diverse youth Marginalization ­> alienation More likely to be from a low SES group Racism and discrimination are stressful and impose a risk for mental disorders Stigma and mistrust Issues, continued Issues, continued • Minority families are less willing to seek services for these reasons • Services may not be offered in a culturally sensitive manner • Difficulty finding a treatment provider who speaks a language other than English • Few research studies focus on ethnic representation or ethnicity­related issues Culture= Culture= • Values, beliefs, and practices that characterize a particular ethno­cultural group • The interpretation of a child’s behavior is influenced by cultural beliefs and values Thus, Thus, • Important that research on abnormal child behavior not be generalized from one culture or ethnicity to another, unless there is support for doing so • Clinicians who work with children should be extra­sensitive to issues surrounding ethnicity and cultural differences Writing assignment #2 Writing assignment #2 Describe your racial/ethnic and cultural identities (e.g., family values, beliefs, practices, routines) and discuss how these factors influenced your emotional development during childhood. ...
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