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Unformatted text preview: rbal realm • In infancy, significant delays and problems with feeding • Between 2 and 6, become preoccupied with eating; obese; increase in behavior problems and obsessive behavior Fetal Alcohol syndrome: Fetal Alcohol syndrome: • Prenatal insult—pregnant woman drinks alcohol which affects development of central nervous system • MR usually within mild range • Often have long­term behavioral difficulties that resemble ADHD • Unique facial features Familial or Familial­Cultural MR Familial or Familial­Cultural MR • Approximately half of all cases of MR have no clear biological cause • Usually mild MR; more prevalent among minorities and low SES groups; one or both parents also likely MR • Causes are hotly debated Probable causes: Probable causes: • Biological—may have minor, difficult to detect neurological problems • Features of low SES place intellectual growth in jeopardy • Probably both environmental and genetic factors are involved, with approximately equal contributions Environment risk factors: Environment risk factors: • • • • • Maternal mental illness Large family Minimal education Etc Children with more risk factors have a lower IQ regardless of SES • Presence of preventative factors is important Interventions...
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