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Unformatted text preview: e common in boys SES and ethnicity: SES and ethnicity: • More severe MR occurs equally in different economic and racial groups • Mild MR is more prevalent among lower SES children, which disproportionally includes minority children. Why? – Cultural factors – Environmental factors – Standardized IQ tests might be biased Comorbidity: Comorbidity: • Evidence that having MR increases the risk of developing psychological problems (10­50% of children with MR) • Comorbidity depends on type of MR – Less common in profound group – Those with mild MR tend to have disruptive behavior problems; those in more severe range tend to be withdrawn and autistic Two types of MR: Organic Two types of MR: Organic • Over 1000 different biological causes of MR, which include genetic anomalies and prenatal insults • Most children with organic MR are severely impaired • 77% of cases in the moderate to profound range are due to organic factors Down syndrome: Down syndrome: • Most common genetic birth defect related to MR; have 3 #21 chromosomes • Facial features include wide face, slanted eyes, flattened nose • Typically friendly and social, but may become more aggressive in adolescence • Decelerating rate of mental growth; avg IQ of 50; social intelligence high, but speech and comprehension of grammar are low Prader­Willi syndrome: Prader­Willi syndrome: • Due to anomalies in chromosome 15 • Usually mild MR with deficits largely in ve...
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