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OCD slides - Anxiety Anxiety • Mood state characterized...

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Unformatted text preview: Anxiety: Anxiety: • Mood state characterized by: • • • – Strong negative emotion – Fear of future danger or misfortune Expected and normal in some situations Can help us be more effective Affects the physical, cognitive, and behavioral systems of the body • Perpetuated by avoidance Anxiety disorders: Anxiety disorders: • Anxiety is excessive (no real threat) • Anxiety is debilitating, interferes with life Other definitions: Other definitions: • Fear=present oriented, felt when immediate danger is present • Panic=physical symptoms of anxiety with no real threat or danger OCD: OCD: • DSM­IV – Recurrent – Time­consuming – Disturbing – Obsessions – Compulsions Obsessions: Obsessions: • Persistent and intrusive thoughts, ideas, • • • • impulses, images, or sensations Excessive and irrational Focused on improbable/unrealistic events Create anxiety, compulsions neutralize Most common=fears of contamination, harm to self/others, symmetry, preoccupations with religion, sex Compulsions: Compulsions: • Repetitive, purposeful, and intentional behaviors or mental acts performed in response to an obsession • May provide temporary, but not long­term, relief • Most common=washing, repeating, checking, touching, hoarding, arranging Other characteristics: Other characteristics: • • • OCD is resilient to reason Prevalence is 2­3% More common in boys during childhood, but girls catch up in adolescence • Mean age of onset 9­12 • Fewer than 10% show complete remission • Comorbid with other anxiety disorders, depression, LD ...
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