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Treatments for anxiety slides

Treatments for anxiety slides - Causes of anxiety disorder...

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Unformatted text preview: Causes of anxiety disorder: Causes of anxiety disorder: Temperament • Individuals differ in their reactions to novel or unexpected events • Some people are born with tendency to withdraw, be fearful/anxious • Can contribute to later anxiety disorders, but not inevitable • Probably depends on environment too Genetic and family risk: Genetic and family risk: • Biological vulnerability to anxiety disorders • Tendency to be inhibited, tense, and fearful is inherited • No direct link between genetic markers and anxiety • Multiple genes likely play a role Neurobiological factors: Neurobiological factors: • Behavioral inhibition system of brain more active in children with anxiety • Brain circuits can be shaped by early – Limbic system, amygdala, prefrontal cortex stress • GABA, norepinephrine, and serotonin all play a role (adults) • Research in children is limited Family influences: Family influences: • Parenting practices such as rejection, • • • • overcontrol, overprotection, and modeling of anxious behaviors Parents more critical and less positive Parents expect children to become anxious and believe they can’t cope Insecure attachments with parents Parent anxiety disorders Treatments: Treatments: • Behavior therapy – Exposure – Flooding – Response prevention – Systematic desensitization • Cognitive­behavioral therapy Bobby: Bobby: • Severe OCD • Obsession—will spread germs and infect someone • Compulsions—washing hands frequently (30+ times daily), avoidance of touching things in public, praying (2 hours/day) Mark: Mark: • GAD • Upcoming birthday party – What if wrong date on invitations? – What if weather is bad? – What if people can’t find his house? – What is some people don’t like the cake? – What if I already have a gift? ...
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