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Unformatted text preview: Treatments for depression: Treatments for depression: Pharmacotherapy • • • Antidepressants commonly used SSRI’s (Prozac only drug approved) Some risks, like suicidal thoughts and self­ harm, but these also go along with depression • No info about long term effects on the brain • Many children do not show a full response to meds Psychosocial interventions: Psychosocial interventions: Cognitive techniques • Identify, challenge, and modify negative • • • • • thought processes Constructive thinking Positive self­talk Self­coaching skills (“Don’t give up”) Coping skills Self­change skills Psychosocial interventions: Behavioral techniques • Maintains that depression results from and is sustained by a lack of reinforcement • Increase pleasurable activities • Provide skills needed to attain more reinforcement • Teach skills for assertiveness, communication, conflict resolution, etc ...
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