u3 - Research Process 1 Topic Finding and Evaluating...

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Research Process 1 R.E.Turner & B. Langkamp-Henken, University of Florida, 2009. Topic: Finding and Evaluating Research Information Objectives: After reading the assigned material and attending class, the student will be able to: 1. identify types of research studies and information from studies that can be used to evaluate the validity of conclusions drawn by the researchers. 2. differentiate between peer-reviewed research and popular press information. 3. use literature-searching techniques to answer health-related questions Reading Assignment: Understanding Risk and Different Trials, Different Results . NIH documents, refer to http://www.nih.gov/news/WordonHealth/apr2004/risk.htm and http://www.nih.gov/news/WordonHealth/aug2004/story03.htm Lecture Outline: I. Introduction II. Types of Study Designs A. Intervention (Experimental) prospective studies 1. non-human – laboratory studies 2. human subjects – clinical trials “gold standard” = randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial a. randomization b. placebo-controlled
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u3 - Research Process 1 Topic Finding and Evaluating...

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