u10 - 1 Study Guide Exam 3 Questions will come from...

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1 R.E.Turner & B. Langkamp-Henken, University of Florida, 2009. Study Guide – Exam 3 Questions will come from lectures and assigned reading (text book and web sites). The points listed below are to help focus your study efforts and will be used to create questions for the exam. The exam will ask you to do some critical thinking; therefore, don't just memorize the material. You must be able to evaluate and synthesize the facts, apply concepts, and conceptualize the consequences. Adolescence 1. Know the factors considered in calculating EER. 2. Know RDA values for protein and AMDR values for carbohydrates, added sugars, protein, and fat. 3. Discuss the role of hormones on growth and maturation of adolescent males and females. 4. Use growth charts to assess growth in adolescence. At what age (on average) does the growth spurt occur in males and females? Be familiar with Illustrations 14.2 and 14.3: Sequence of physiological changes during puberty in females and males . 5. What factors are important to know about an adolescent in order to assess nutrient needs? 6. What is the difference in body composition between males and females? How does this difference affect nutrient needs? How do other physiological changes during adolescence affect nutrient requirements? 7.
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u10 - 1 Study Guide Exam 3 Questions will come from...

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