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d4 - Fuel Up to Play 60 National Dairy Council®(NDC...

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Unformatted text preview: Fuel Up to Play 60 National Dairy Council® (NDC) Looking Back @ NAllC>W."""COJ<C1: Dairy Council of Florida FUEL UP- n ~ JennlferW.Sllls 1800-516-4443 [email protected],com National Football League (NFL) Moving Forward Oairy farms may diffor, but dairy fanners aha,.. a passion for producing wholesome while caring for their animals and the fanns they call home ~WWWIIII! .dairytannlngtoday.org milk •• :-:!"""''"''1.__ II,.. •• .;;"....J..-c" ~~_~ ~ '" tS. '-' ,,~ ~~ {(~t4 ';Y"'_" o ''''-I, t..I;J..I, rfH,"? "" "" fJ~ "tf. (J. t-: .,,,-' ••• t.,- II,.. ~ ,..,.t..M't MJ ~ ,t.~"""" Dairy Farmers Established Inc. is Florida's milk promotion group. in 1958, \he organization educatlon is designed to enhance the dairy and public relations. D _ ~ Farming Industry's image and Increase mllk and dairy product sales sta1ewIde via advertising, DaIry Council of Florida is the non-profit nutrition, educa1ion, marketing and promotion division of Dairy Farmers Inc. ._a__' --__-- ...___.•._ .._--_-. _ _---•.. ... www.floridamilk.com 1 A Dairy Dietitian.~. Primary causes of childhood overweight are increasingly sedentary lifestyles and over consumption of high-calorie-Iow nutrient density foods and beverages According to the COC, lifestyle behaviors is one of the major factors contributing to obesity in children and adults. Genetics does play a role, however, many health risks have been proven to significantly diminish when physical activity increases and diet improves. Child Nutrition and rlbless in Schools • Issue awareness is high • Wellness Policies provide a foundation • Schools need tools to motivate and mobilize 2 Join forces to create an unprecedented, co-branded initiative to engage youth in schools and beyond to get the foods and physical activity they need. Fact: Change in schools has the power to last a lifetime! = Improving student and school wellness by encouraging healthy eating and physical activity Fuel Up To Play 60 Low-fat I fat-free dairy foods IB '-_ ~D'RI'a:ua:. Vegetables ~ -_o-~t1n_e\ --t\~;lfi~~"~ ~ . ...•. ~49t?4 •• ;,-~s .•Z ••:;'\.\.~;-;~_-. 8 - _- - .- - 3 Students develop leadership skills by taking an active role in improving their school nutrition and motivating their peers to do the same PrograDI Look s to Students for its Su~~ess I Studcnts lead I Partncring tllc effort ••-ith adult I stakcholders 'Vorl.. to ••-ard posith-c. long-term changes in thc !iC!hool'swcUness cn~irolUUcnt. LdBt;lJl8~ ht ll~clCicIt ar Plt3si.ecd ~i1Iif;~ ~ seltccl Fuel UP 10 Play 6OSchoOi Wellness Activation Kits 4 Fuel Up To Play 60 §!!.QQ!! schools in 2009-10 How Fuel UP to Plav 60 Works IU--- ~ Ir Ir School is enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Toam engages entire student body through: School creates Student Team J with Adutt Advlsor(s) Displaying FUTP 60 60 signago around school ,1 r r P"'g<am Kick-off Event 1 Student Team IAdult Advisor(s) put Healthy Eating and Physical Actlvrty Action Stratagtes Allsludonls lakol Pledga to eat healthier & be active Siudenlsl<ack healthy eating and physical activity In place Tracking Your Progress --""'" ~ 5 Social Media: The Future ".onrush.com Integrate fun and exciting ways for youth to interact with Fuel Up to Play 60 WhYVille.net -reacn youth about nutrition and fltness on high traFfic pages OFa virtual world -Leading educauonfocused virtual world For tweens and teens -Each month more than 2 million ViSitS are made to Whyyilie -primary audience 8glrts. 30% boys) 15 00% Resources to the Rescue yram. est of Garn~ MyPyramid for Kids Tips for Families S~njsh Available A Cion: Look at MyPyromid for Kids "'~C-""'=k=" ~~s:'~7c=::ln~';:~\j::::h~~P,~io',t;!~.'::. h.,... for Ql.llt~ .O~, Jol • ol ••nt,.nd.t, le ••el ,nth, JOYnte~ \00PI."bOI. u:.rn.,c /lOW elK,. t~lc1" wou. .one! ••a, •• 1'1'''}u,mod /I"OIId1 M yPyrQmid for Inform.tion on food groupe FClf""d.l.!.d .•nUUn"m oIl0U0' IIcti>o";I,"'el,,dldo;ollfliIPI'llmwiT,.dfr. Un II'It ~,.~ • Me., • c ir\lIh foOd ~ ••",c.ol np~lhIIWMk Hll't·-.c!'Do"/QI",~u. H.•Lto-.ei" •••••d'\I"O. MyPyra mid S Kids Workshu.t Clos.sroom materials fOfS: &,..l.ted 1Dpl<. -JnslCle M~P)';lmllf" tc> 1:,1;0 yeu smart ~U~ from tlll:f) '''00 t~. ::;.-'.y tor. "••• ""., Eat IQghf. EJe~rcise Have Fun. ~~: r6ur ~~Me !>e:"UfI fo:>.t.••.<1~~","(&I • • :t,~Iti, 6 ActiOn for Healthy Kids A.,ciol1 for 1I""lth,· Kids tAFllK grussroots effort erelltcd to addre ••. · fn;eru>eifJIU~ •• nJerfto ••risIaeJ. alUl by i{H!U8ing on ICllang.-.:s in www.actionforhealthykids.org www .,u;tionforhe;llthyklds.org/norida :::::A<rt.i,oo:i]~. Healt~l,!~ Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. A(iRICUlTllIU KEEPS flORIDA GR,EN www.fns.usda. fQQC! &. Nutrition Management I-k/nO<;>lf••••• a""n t. h ••• , Oo", COQrdinoted School Health .•••.• /ll'oo ~ EOiS orA6Pu~I~MI,,",. ~ ElIflttlonOoOlCll(n, •.• II1lnnl&IDml,pI.OonahUClIDPNI<!'CI V")UrntrlnCll'OtJ't7o"llaone,J,I,,, •. Lawn lt~It'\t\Kl & ••• Gllrd.n .• wad"'. C:.llnd::.r prT.t"1o t);p9"P"'~ •••• Yo! 1 •• y""c~n1lndoul •. FAWNFk\"~At.rlom':'d W."\II•• tl~'" •. T"-O'-":Jt.rl~ .•ndoool< Cllf'ml.',C·.ClfI9Bho1tttd• ee c •••. e."'''nl~'' If. """tlr>ervou G<n •••. Z'"dlllt PI'ol)l""'.l)1>t.or ••'', •••• ~ln.""'aor.:hom Iol" •• , .. Q.''''''n •. I'ItJUU/'fP,ol'f'eulOO •••\.trIDrld•.•• "'m.I.:II"ClOIn~ t http://solutionsforyourlife.ufLedu/ 7 Office of Healthy Schoo ls The Coordinated School Health Resource Center maintains •• collection of K.12 health education materials for use by Florida parents,educators, sdlooI health ~s professionals, and community personn!1 who wor1I y,.itl'! sl\Jdcnts Materials are available forin·state loan and Includeboolols,ct.llrlculumguKies. videotapes, CD ROMs. charts, end models. Tnts servee Isfrccofcharge freerel\Jm~tage andlnclud"$ Food and Nutrition Management The Food and Nutrition Resource Center oft'ln a lending library service with olo'era thou:;.8nd IitlcsofmatcrJ81s suiteblefor classroom or trAining purposes Book5. videos. QaITlOS, kils, and other M$OUI'C&S CO\lef topics from nubition education to school food ~ce to weln,,". Menyoome with ~hOt's guides, prepcet-teete. studentftrainee workmeets, actiYitios wiUtble for 011 egos. and and u Nut, ••••.• ,,& rrOtluC,IItIOf"'.',II1> a ",,-,.,... ~"".....J H••• Itf>P"" •• Build Stronger Bones for Life g r_"'f~'$C!_ u P' •••• O'M ••.I.IoC. ••••' 1:1 :e~,~.~ ... 1I••••10:~'_ U wmoO""y •..•• """"''''W h' ~~:--;:. •• ..n••••lleu·.••.•••• ••• ~~·· ••~"P •• ·.,· ;,;Zii:::,~:~!·~ •• :,~::,;:~·::!;·:~~:·"· , ••••••• All of our mat«lals are described In a webeeeee u1810g (see ijnk bebN). You may place loan requests on this ~itlL If you would father not use an online ClItalog. you may contact us by phone Of E-mail to Identify and ORIer loon IT18teriuh •. 325w •• rc •.•••• •.•• I.SUa.444 sSl TBliIlM.I88.fl3'2399-0400 PhQ••• : (e50)2~5-().48(l Fax: (850) 24S-5110 ~&hl'a\fIooa;.org NU1rJUon & H••• llh N __ • AI •.rto The loan period Is four \YI!!o6k, and malerl81$ are $0111 viII tho US Po:;taI SCN"o'ico RelUm postal;le Is FREE. _.,"',,,_ •.-. ..,,1. _.~. ,u.._ ,•••• . ,.w •••.•••••••••••••.•.••• •.•.• •• " ..•...•.." 'r·•.• .d·t•• "'_ .•••••. ••• •..• _~ -......,~'".,.,..'· tl> ••••••.• ._-_ _. NutrJent-Rlch Food" vv"!)!n:.!' R.c;ordlng http://doehealthlibraries.cites.fsu.edu/ Nutrition ExploratiOns J,ds·~t<1l"", ••·ltsc ••s t Sc.hool Nutrition • PTofesslonal.s 001; lno,,".~"o"th Ho•.•1..c>o'< $MOO'I'I,I'I: 01 R·OJ•..•• no~u$!;O_., ·fRttwoa"o""',tHelp.KHI.I>o •• Gettt>e,.., .••.M'~"'Q e. •.• !<fUt Counte.;o.;,01 ta •••• ~ •.•••• -I. •• f.On. -" SI.o~ __ Tweens' and Teens need calcium now more than ever! AUthey need Is 3 cups or rcw-ret cr tat-rree milk e ••• day. plus other catdum-rlch roods. ery Wh3t's the Problem? What Can I do? Th'1I00dn~"¥oocanh.Jp youngJ)eOplplI~lmouoh Caltlum....,lIttl.b.nem.wI.,ut .Itffllm •. Educators ~"""'",.E£Sd"lo"''''''d~ ••..•••• ••• "'" ~""O''''''' H."f/.CO",.. •• ,'loW. ~•.••..••• , Nlff ·P ••• ' •.•••• H""."'" r.'I>O"':"" IItoOOXOt.·,.,.._ NtWI ~O••.•• c_ ••••• P_nt ""'"' J.n".' ••.• A9•.• 11·15~ •• In!"!o~IIJx)nn"U!l(.1t1vm VnI'bo"WnMt".ffiOlll)O"f'lnog.lt1. no! onno \1'" uklllm tr"IWnud ~rne_." ~f' DVoo'IH"'.II •• '_ ••••••• 1 Parents ~1,,' •••• " ••• bl •.._.W"oQ •• 'U'"1 •.••••. o(IM< Iffl''ttI!:tg';';M1 1l1.\9'ft'''!O·''I(.4Io'''ndoNoIs .....u D~ ,........, • ""-dlG T>~.I.,.H.tp'no..;,.j.ht .••.•• Dl!rI..!.ilili~ (flbt!IN lM'tld""h • ",,,,,,c...J ••,,•• ..-..!M,,,.u.,.""'>IOQ ••• "'>Iod., www.Nutritionexplorations.org www.nichd.nih. ov/milkl WWW. NutrientRichFoods. org Tips and tools for helping people build and enjoy a nutrienl;;!ic!t!ifpstyle. 8 ...
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