d5 - Why is this important to you Group Nutrition Education...

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1 Group Nutrition Education Linda B Bobroff PhD RD LD/N Linda B. Bobroff, PhD, RD, LD/N Dept of Family, Youth and Community Sciences January 28, 2010 Why is this important to you? Helpful for current class assignment Valuable for future nutrition/health educators Applies to other types of program planning Something new and challenging Other … 2 Cooperative Extension 101 Federal, state and local partnership: USDA/NIFA Land-grant universities Land grant universities County Extension services Programs address issues in: Agriculture and Natural Resources Family and Consumer Sciences (including N utrition and Health) Youth Development (4-H) Florida Extension: http://solutionsforyourlife.ufl.edu 3 4 Program development Conduct needs assessment Identify target audience (specific is better) Gt t k d i Get to know your audience Define goals and objectives Identify _________ model Prepare lesson/curriculum Pilot test 5 Needs assessment Literature search Written survey Interviews with key __________ Focus groups
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2 KPD needs assessment Hypertension prevalence data in Florida Input from Extension educators Number of lessons Primary target audience Type of educational materials Lesson structure Lesson topics 7 Target audience Literature search Know your community Establish local advisory committees Respond to requests Consider ____-____ groups 8 KPD target audience Persons at risk for hypertension:
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d5 - Why is this important to you Group Nutrition Education...

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