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DIE3310 Quiz 1 Review There are 25 questions (2 points each) on this quiz – 19 multiple choice and 6 true/false. You should review the power point slides, the notes you took in class, the textbook companion review questions on the Web and the related material in the book. Chapter 1 1. What is a community and what does it include? 2. What is community nutrition? Know the three main components (people, policy, and programs), and be able to identify examples of each 3. What is health and health promotion? 4. What are the goals of Healthy People 2010? 5. What is the difference between a community dietitian and a public health nutritionist? 6. What is the difference between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? Chapter 17 1. Six Basic Educational Principles to Effect Change -- examples 2. What are the steps in developing a nutrition education plan (e.g. know learner, learn by doing)? 3. What should you consider when developing lesson plans, and what needs to be included? 4.
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