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STAT 110 Chapter 11 Definitions How to Make a Histogram 1. Divide the range of the data into classes of equal width. 2. Count the number of individuals in each class. 3. Draw the histogram. outlier – an individual observation that falls outside the overall pattern of the graph symmetric – the right and left sides of the histogram are approximately mirror images of each other skewed right – the right side of the histogram (the half with the larger values) extends much farther than the left
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Unformatted text preview: skewed left – the left side of the histogram (the half containing the smaller values) extends much farther than the right To make a Stemplot: 1. Separate each observation into a stem and a leaf. Stems may have any number of digits, but a leaf is only a single value. 2. Write the stems in a vertical column with the smallest at the top. 3. Draw a vertical line at the right of this column. 4. Write each leaf in the row to the right of its stem, in increasing order out from the stem....
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