history 218 midterm study guide

history 218 midterm study guide - Introduction (1/7/09) ←...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction (1/7/09) ← 1 st war: French non-communist Vietnamese vs. communist Vietnamese ← 2 nd war: Americans and non-communist Vietnamese vs. communist viets. ← ← Not traumatic for Americans: ← 1. Distant enemy fundamentally immoral ← 2. War’s brutality, especially on VNese ← 3. Not very costly in terms of American lives – smaller numbers than world wars loss; costly financially!! ← ← Why was it so divisive? Because it impaired faith in the success of the American system; first time America was unable to achieve their set goals 1 st and ONLY war we lost regardless of superiority over our enemy! America had many more soldiers, money, and weapons and STILL LOST!! • Comms never won a battle! But by 1970 U.S. couldn’t achieve more than a stalemate source of American bitterness = HUMILIATION! Spending money for nothing trauma! • ***Couldn’t win the war but couldn’t leave without more humiliation similar to Iraq in 2006! ← ← Both the U.S. and Comms claimed to be fighting for freedom for Vietnamese but who was telling the truth?! ← ← ← Introducing VN: French Domination 1/9/09 ← VN used to belong to China – modeled many aspects of civilization after them Confucianism – especially educated elite • Philosophy of government and social organization, NOT RELIGION! Sought to answer “how do we promote harmony in state and society?” • Unequal relationship between officials and commoners, father and sons, older vs. younger brothers, husbands vs. wives, etc. COMPLEX SYSTEM OF SUBORDINATION • Inferiors model behavior after superiors everyone looks to officials (mandarins!) officials study Confucianism to learn proper behavior and implement it in daily life • Social harmony achieved through contagious imitation o Officials fathers wives sons • Concerned with problems in this life! No mention of after life! • VN government was the same as the Chinese government • VN depended culturally on China but politically were fiercely independent! China kept trying to restore control but were repeatedly beat by VN guerilla warfare • VN used Chinese tactics and models of government to beat Chinese themselves! Also devoured everyone to the South • Problems between North and South VN: South was less Confucian, more commercial and more laid back; engaged in a series of civil wars that anticipated the conflict between 1954 and 1975!...
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history 218 midterm study guide - Introduction (1/7/09) ←...

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