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Unformatted text preview: ME 240 EQUATION SHEET Particle Dynamics General Expressions Constant Acceleration Relative Motion ds dt dv a dt dv a v ds v Normal‐Tangential Components v v0 a0t s s0 v0t 1 a 0 t 2 2 v v0 2a0 (s s0 ) 2 2 rA rB rA /B v A vB v A / B aA aB aA/B ˆ v vet Radial‐Transverse Components Newton’s 2nd Law v2 dv ˆ ˆ a en et dt ˆ ˆ v rer r e ˆ ˆ a ( r 2 )er (r 2r )e r F ma ...
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