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Unformatted text preview: Problem: The disk rotates with a constant clockwise angular velocity of 12 rad/s. At the instant shown determine the following: 1. The angular velocity and angular acceleration of rod BD BD BD 2. The velocity and acceleration of the point on the rod coinciding with E vE aE TO EARN CREDIT, YOU MUST SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK (LEGIBLE AND CLEARLY ORGANIZED). USE EXTRA PAPER AS NECESSARY Problem: A circular gear is welded to the rigid body shown, the combined mass and moment of inertia of which are m and I = 3m, respectively. The circular gear rests on a rack inclinded at 60o to the horiztonal. The rigid body/gear assembly is released from rest in the position shown. Determine the angular acceleration of the rigid body/gear assembly immediately after it is released. Hint: use the coordinate system shown to simplify your calculations. Show work for credit. Continue on back if necessary. The equation sheet is on the back side of page 2. ...
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