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Midterm 1 Review Questions

Midterm 1 Review Questions - Physics 7A Midterm I Review...

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Physics 7A - Midterm I Review Session GSI: Daniel Kawano Date: Sunday, February 24, 2008 Time: 12-2 pm, 2050/2060 VLSB 1. Greg has been playing skee ball all afternoon at the local arcade, but much to his dismay, he has not been able to get a single ball into the 100-point hole. The 100-point hole is located L = 3 ft from the base of the skee ball machine’s backboard, which is angled at β = 20 with respect to the horizontal. If the end of the launch ramp is h = 2 ft above the backboard’s base and oriented at θ = 45 to ground, how fast should Greg project a ball up the launch ramp so that it lands in the 100-point hole? How long does it take for the ball to reach the hole? 2. Today, Judy is kayaking across a 70 m-wide pond from A to B with a velocity of * v k = 2 * m/s. In the first 20 m stretch of the pond, the water has a current of velocity * v w = 3 * ı m/s, and she winds up at C . How far over is Judy at C ? If the remainder of the pond is still water, what angle does Judy need to travel at to get to B ? Suppose Judy was kayaking in the pond
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