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S09#1pg7 - auclear receptor\J il N H 11II e steroid...

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BMS300 Exam 1 February 13,2008 38. Which of the following itself cannot be converted into a hormone? a. tyrosine b. cholesterol (cpthe amino acid glutamate d. fatty acids 39. The hormone receptor in the accompanying figure would bind to a on the cytoplasmic side of the membrane? rHormone a. Tyrosine kinase r,/ t cytoplasmic hormone receptor . v % ff^ /;> 3TP binding protein ,%;'WU !•' H U H H j;l,
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Unformatted text preview: auclear receptor \\J il N ! H§ 11II e. steroid hormone receptor \ ] ; • H ; , ; t ;JS N I « : ' 1 40. In the accompanying diagram, the hormone would be a: I i>y * / ^ a. peptide or protein j j b. steroid hormone iT c. derivative of cholesterol d. soluble in water fS a and d are correct...
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