SM06#1 - BS300 Exam IB Summer 2006 Name S.S.# 1 . Removing...

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BS300 Name Exam IB Summer 2006 S.S.# 1 . Removing the target gland would cause: ^ no change in the levels of tropic (releasing) hormone. b. levels of tropic stimulating hormone to be quite low. f levels of tropic (releasing hormone) to be quite high. levels of stimulating hormone to be quite high. 4 e. c and d are correct v^^ , ^ ^ . Releasing hormones are delivered to the adenohypophysis in: a. blood. b. nerve terminals. c. the hypothalamus d.brain. »««« e, none of the above. 3. If a person secreted excessive quantities of follicle stimulating hormone, secretion of which of the following hormones would inevitably be suppressed? a. growth hormone ^b^ganadotropin releasing hormone (GNRH) c. calcitonin d. anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) f^Juteinizing hormone (LH) l ^_^/ *~ 4. Hormones released from the act on secretory cells in the _ _. a. anterior pituitary, posterior pituitary b. anterior pituitary, target gland c. posterior pituitary, anterior pituitary d. hypothalamus, anterior pituitary (ops and d are correct 5. Aldosterone is a steroid hormone that has important effects on sodium and potassium homeostasis and water balance. Aldosterone is secreted from the and acts on the (a.Jadrenal cortex, kidney b. hvpolhalamus, kidney c. adrenal medulla, hypothalamus d. adrenal cortex, hypothalamus e. anterior pituitary, kidney 6. Which of the following hormones is synthesized and released from neurons (i.e. not from glandular epithelial cells)? a. insulin (JP vasopressin c. growth hormone d. glucocorticoids e. mineralocorticoios
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BS 300 Exam 1 June 23,2006 7. The anterior pituitary arises embryologically from: 'cells in the hypothalamus. . neurons in the brain. c. epithelial cells of the developing mouth and pharynx. d. secretory cells in the neurohypophysis. iAll of the above contribute to the anterior pituitary. 8. To say that a hormone acts in a paracrine fashion means that: . a. the target cells for the hormone are in the immediate vicinity or neighborhood of the hormone- producing cells. b. the target cells for the hormone do not have receptors for that hormone. c. that the hormone can bind to receptors on the cell that produces it. d. the target cells for the hormone have several different types of receptors for the hormone, which leads to unpredictable effects. e. the hormone must be secreted into blood for distribution to target cells. 9. Secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone and ACTH from the anterior pituitary both require the release of from the . $preleasing hormones, hypothalamus D. steroid hormones, hypothalamus c. protein hormones, adrenal glands d. insulin, pancreas e. releasing hormones, posterior pituitary 10. Erythropoietin is a protein hormone that stimulates production of red blood cells. Knowing that much, you can deduce that the erythropoietin receptor: t>js
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SM06#1 - BS300 Exam IB Summer 2006 Name S.S.# 1 . Removing...

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