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1 00B/Z 350 Molecular and General Genetics FINAL EXAM – May 10, 2010 NAME ____________________________ I.D. No: __________________________ SECTION A: Multiple choice questions (Total 18 points ): Circle the most appropriate answer for each question. 1) A nucleoside is composed of: A) base B) sugar C) phosphate D) a & b E) a, b, & c 2) What information is present in a cDNA library? A) intron sequences B) promoter sequences C) exon sequences D) telomere sequences E) none of the above 3) Which vector is appropriate for cloning an insert of about 200 Kb A) plasmid B) Yeast Artificial Chromosome ( YAC) C) cosmid D) phage lambda vector 4) To help elucidate the double helix structure of DNA, __________ used information provided by __________ that certain bases are always present in a 1:1 ratio. A) Watson and Crick; Franklin B) Watson and Crick; Meselson and Stahl C) Meselson and Stahl; Chargaff D) Watson and Crick; Chargaff E) none of the above 5) During DNA synthesis, the leading strand is synthesized _______ and the lagging strand is synthesized ________. A) 3' to 5'; 5' to 3' B) 3' to 5'; 3' to 5' C) 5' to 3'; 3' to 5' D) 5' to 3'; 5' to 3' 6) You are trying to restriction-map a plasmid. An EcoRI digest gives you a 10 kb fragment, an XhoI digest gives you a 2 kb and an 8 kb fragment, and the double digest gives you fragments of 2, 3, and 5 kb. From these results, you deduce that the size of the plasmid is ______ kb, the number of EcoRI sites is ______, the number of XhoI sites is ______, and that there is an EcoRI site within the ______ kb XhoI fragment. A) 10; 2; 1; 8 B) 10; 1; 2; 8 C) 20; 2; 2; 8 D) 20; 1; 2; 8 E) 10; 1; 2; 2
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2 NAME ____________________________ I.D. No: __________________________ 7) Meiotic recombination involves the breakage and reunion of DNA molecules from: A) homologous nonsister chromatids B) homologous sister chromatids C) maternal and paternal gametes D) heterologous chromosomes E) none of the above 8) Base-pairing complementarity on the tRNA molecule is specified by the ________, while base-pairing complementarity on the mRNA molecule is specified by the ________. A) intron; exon B) exon; intron C) codon; anticodon D) anticodon; codon E) initiation codon; stop codon 9). Steroids induce the expression of specific genes by A. binding and relocating a transcription factor from cytoplasm to nucleus B. binding and activating a transcriptional repressor C. binding and inactivating a transcriptional activator D. binding and inactivating a transcriptional repressor E. A & C 10). Which of the following features is important for the recognition of the initiation codon in eukaryotic mRNAs? A) TATA box B) Shine-Dalgarno box C) Cap D) CAAT box E) Poly (A) signal 11). Which of the following is true about double stranded DNA A) A + T = G + C B) A/G = C/T C) A/G = T/C D) (A + T)/ (G + C) = 1 E) G/A = T/C 12). Termination of transcription of some genes in prokaryotes requires a A) sigma factor B) Rho factor
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BZ350S10FinalExam - 00B/Z 350 Molecular and General...

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