S09#4 - BMS 300 Exam 418 Spring 2009 Name CSU ID 1 If the...

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BMS 300 Exam 418 Spring 2009 Name CSU ID# 1. If the adrenaljprtex overproduces aldosterone. as happens in Gushing's disease. a. an abnormally large numbers of Na" channels are incorporated in the apical plasma membranes of epithelial cells in the distal convoluted tubule. b. an abnormally large numbers of Na/K ATPases are incorporated in the basilar membrane of epithelial cells in the distal convoluted tubule. c. an abnormally large amount of Na T returns to the paratubular capillaries around the distal convoluted tubule. d. Na + ions concentrations become abnormally high and water is retained. , e: All of the above are correct. 2. In the accompanying diagram, blood is delivered to region 1 by the: a. afferent arteriole b. efferent arteriole c. paratubular capillary d. glomerulus newvasa recta. 3. In the accompanying diagram, the osmotic strength generated by urea would be highest at: ^^\ aJl Renal Cortex Renal Medulla c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 4. The region of the kidney where the glomeruli and Bowman's capsules are located is the: a. renal pyramid b. renal calyx c. renal medulla /""""V\ u. /renal cortex e. afferent arteriole. (5) 5, In the accompanying figure, cells of the macula densa release molecules that affect modified muscle smooth muscle :- cells in: a. 1, Giofflerulus- b. 2, Paratubular capillary c. 3, Vasarecta- (jdt!)l, Afferent arteriole e. 5. Distal-€eftwhrted-Tnfeule \/ k. (1) (4) . (3)
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BS 300 Exam 4 April 29, 2009 6. Cells of the macula densa recognize changes in _ and contribute to the control of the _ . a. glucose, glucose resorption. (T^NaCl concentration, glomerular filtration rate. c. KC1 concentration, aldosterone production. d. amino acid concentration, amino acid resorption. e. a and d are correct 7. Blood in the paratubular capillaries where they first contact the proximal convoluted tubules contains a high concentration of __ to produce a(n) _ pressure gradient allowing water to return to the capillary. a. water, osmotic b. ions and small organic molecules, osmotic. c. albumin, hydrostatic. rdTalbumin, osmotic. e'. glucose, hydrostatic. 8. Glucose and amino acids are resorbed almost entirely in the: a. vasa recta _J>. distal convoluted tubule c. glomerulus -d. renal medulla ( e^roximal convoluted tubule. 9. _ , released from the juxtaglomerular cells, affects _ : (ajrenin, blood pressure. b. aldosterone, Na
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S09#4 - BMS 300 Exam 418 Spring 2009 Name CSU ID 1 If the...

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