S09#3 - BMS 300 Exam 3B Spring 2009 Blood and Immune Name...

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BMS 300 Name _ Exam 3B Spring 2009 C.S.U. ID# _ Blood and Immune 1 . For both T helper cells and cytotoxic T killer cells, the T cell receptor must _ to be effective. a. bind specifically to whole antigen. (J) bind specifically to an antigen fragment presented on an MHC protein. c. bind to CD4 protein. d. be secreted via exocytosis. e. bind to CDS protein 2. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder in which the insulin producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed. Based on what you have learned in this class, which cell type would you expect to be responsible for this destruction? a. CD4 cells b. neutrophils @CD8 cells d. B lymphocytes e. monocytes 3. Which of the following comprises more than half of the blood volume? a. The buffy coat. b. Erythrocytes c. Leukocytes (d.^Plasma e. a and d are correct. 4. The CD4 on a T helper cell binds to _ on the target cell, which leads to the release of _ from the T helper cell and causes the _ of the target cell. (aTjVIHC U> interleukins, proliferation b. MHC II, perform, death c. MHC II, perforin, proliferation d. MHC I, interleukins, proliferation e. MHC I, perforin, death 5. On both T helper cells and T killer cells, the T cell receptors: a. are always a transmembrane protein. b. recognize antigen fragment. c. recognize antigens presented on other cells. d. recognize antigens only when the antigen is bound to another protein. of the above are correct. 6. Granulocytes degranulate through: a. exocytosis b. endocytosis c. protein synthesis d. vesicle fusion with the plasma membrane ^-\ t , e?)a and d are correct.
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BMS 300 Exam 3 April 8, 2009 Cardiovascular Physiology 21. Which of the following statements regarding the cardiac cycle is true? ..^ a. The AV valves are open during most of diastole (mainly ventricular diastole), b. The aortic valve is closed throughout the interval between the QRS and T waves. £>>. The first heart sound is the opening of the AV valves. (cpThe ventricular pressure is greater than the aortic pressure during isovolumetric contraction, e. None of the above answers are correct. 22. The long absolute refractory period in cardiac myocytes is due to a marked increase in calcium permeability following the initial flux of Na + ions. This allows time for ventricles to contract and relax before another action potential initiates ventricular contraction. b. false 23. In the sinoatrial (SA) node, the pacemaker potential is attributable in part to a. an increase in K + conductance (By in increase in Na+ conductance via leaky channels. c. a decrease in Cl" conductance
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S09#3 - BMS 300 Exam 3B Spring 2009 Blood and Immune Name...

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