PHY 201 - Lab02 - Electric Field Mapping

PHY 201 - Lab02 - Electric Field Mapping - II. Introduction...

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Introduction The objective of this lab will be to find out the electric fields between two charges. We will achieve that by mapping equipotential lines (the lines connecting different points that are all at the same electric potential) with a galvanometer. We will mark down the points at which the galvanometer reads zero. Then connecting all these points together will give us the equipotential curves. The lines drawn perpendicularly through these surfaces, from the position of one electrode to the other, will show us the lines of the electric field. III. Theory and Method of Investigation An electric field is said to exist anywhere a force is felt on a positive test charge. The positive test charge will creates a path segment of a “filed map”. It is going from positive charge to negative charge. The map lines have a direction to them. The direction show how positive test charge is moving when placed at different points around the field. Besides that, the field lines also never cross each other. The closer the field lines are to each other, the greater the field intensity or field strength. Procedure for Lab 2 as follow: Select one of the field plates and mount it with the thumb screws to the bottom of the plate. Connect the power supply to the binding posts marked “Bat.” and “Osc.” Fasten a piece of 8.5” x 11” graph paper on the top of the board. Place the plastic template on the two pins projecting above the graph paper’s top edge. Trace the template design onto the graph paper. Place the U-shaped probe onto the mapping board with the ball end facing the underside of
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PHY 201 - Lab02 - Electric Field Mapping - II. Introduction...

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