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PHY 201 - Test 3 - (10pts 9 Find the instantaneous energy...

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I 3 I 1 I 2 + + + + + PHYSICS 201 Union County College Answer all questions place all work and answers In the figure below, R 1 = 5 , R 2 = 10 R 3 = 20 and I 2 =2 A, V2 =12V 1. Write the KVL equations for the loop going through R1,V2,R3 (5pts) 2. Write the KVL equations for the loop going through R2,V1,R3 (5pts) 3. Write the KCL equation at the top node (3pts) 4. Solve for I1, I3 and V1 (15 pts) In the figure below, R 1 = 10 k , R 2 = 2.0k , C 1 =3.3 F , C 2 =2.7 F and V =10V 5. Find the equivalent resistance (5pts) 6. Find the equivalent capacitance (5pts) 7. Find the time constant of the circuit (5pts) A switch is closed at t=0s in the above circuit and the capacitors begin to charge. 8. Find the instantaneous charge on the plates of the 3.3 F capacitor @ t=23ms
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Unformatted text preview: (10pts) 9. Find the instantaneous energy stored by both capacitors @ t=23ms (5pts) 10. Find the instantaneous power dissipated by the 10 kilo-ohm resistor @ t=23ms (5pts) 11. With the expression for the instantaneous power, find the total energy dissipated by the 10 kilo-ohm resistor. (T=0 to T=∞ ) (15pts) A spherical resistor is made from a spherical shell with inner radius r1 and outer radius r2. The material has a conductivity Assume the current flows radially outward. 12. What direction does the E- field point in? Explain (5pts) 13. Is the potential difference V2-V1 positive or negative? Explain (5pts) Find an expression for the resistance in terms of R1, R2 and (15pts)...
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