Western Civilization I - Assignment 1

Western Civilization I - Assignment 1 - Assignment I 95...

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Assignment II: 90 Assignment III: 88 Assignment IV: 93 Assignment V: ? Final Grade: A Name: Western Civilization II Summer 2 (2010) Assignment I 1) The “life-style” of people before and after the Neolithic Revolution Introduction: A/ The Paleolithic Age Define: The appearances of Home habilis meaning man of skill about 2.5 million years ago and later Homo erectus which means upright man about 1.6 million years ago. Hunter-gather: For foods, they hunted animals (hunters and fishermen) and gathered plants and foods. Moved to a newer location when the foods rant out. Technologies/Tools used: Multi-purpose tools: one tool for all kind of work, cutting, hunting, and so on. Fire was as well another tool used. It provided heat, light, cooking, protection as well as hunting. Live style: They lived in a very small bands or community. Nomadic life-style which consisted of them constantly moving from one location to another in search for foods or as the weather changes. They are always migrating in search of foods while some groups do return to their original locations. Wherever they went, they depended on nature for shelters consisting of rocks, trees and mostly caves either from predators or for housing. They were artists. Left marks of painting depicting their lifestyles in caves.
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Western Civilization I - Assignment 1 - Assignment I 95...

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