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1 Department of Economics University of Toronto ECO 340H1S 20061 Income Distribution Midterm Test 1. In December 2005 the Government of Ontario passed Bill 211 which abolishes mandatory retirement in Ontario effective December 2006. Explain the meaning of the term “mandatory retirement,” briefly outline the current legislative situation concerning mandatory retirement and indicate how it will be changed by Bill 211. Outline the competing theories to explain the existence of mandatory retirement and, in light of these theories and any relevant evidence , discuss the probable impacts of Bill 211 on equity and efficiency in Ontario and the challenges that it raises for human resources practitioners and policy makers. 2. Describe the degree of inequality of wealth among families in Canada using Gini coefficients, decile shares or other inequality measures as appropriate. Discuss the source of your data, the definition of wealth, and the methodology used in the survey. Explain why the degree of
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