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Unformatted text preview: SEGMENT 13: SEGMENT PERSONAL SELLING AND SALES MANAGEMENT SALES (Related chapter in text: 20) (Related LEARNING OBJECTIVES LEARNING Understand the different types of Understand sales positions common in industry. sales x Delineate the stages in the personal Delineate selling process. selling x Distinguish “canned” sales Distinguish presentations from the adaptive selling approach. selling x LEARNING OBJECTIVES LEARNING Understand how the multiattribute Understand model is useful in personal selling. model x Understand the basic concepts of Understand salesforce management. salesforce x Be able to use the workload Be method to determine size of salesforce. salesforce. x “BACKBONE OF THE BACKBONE PROMOTIONAL MIX” PROMOTIONAL x “Everyone lives by selling something” x Robert Louis Stevenson x “Nothing happens until someone sells Nothing something.” something.” x Anonymous COMMON SALES POSITIONS COMMON x x x x x x Retail Sales Mfr. Sales Reps Insurance Sales Financial Sales Real Estate Sales Sales Engineers 4.1 Million 1.8 Million 378 Thousand 367 Thousand 339 Thousand 85 Thousand 85 THE SELLING PROCESS THE x x x x x x PROSPECTING PROSPECTING PREAPPROACH PREAPPROACH APPROACH APPROACH PRESENTATION PRESENTATION CLOSE CLOSE FOLLOW-UP FOLLOW-UP PROSPECTING PROSPECTING Finding Leads x Qualifying Prospects x x Establish need/want x Ascertain ability to purchase x Determine purchase authority x Verify eligibility PREAPPROACH PREAPPROACH Gathering Information x Setting Sales Call Goals x Preparing Presentation x PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! x APPROACH APPROACH Making a good first impression x Building rapport x Asking questions x Listening! x Discovering needs x TIME SPENT BY “ADAPTIVE” SALESPERSON IN SALES CALLS... 100% TALKING LISTENING TIME PRESENTATION PRESENTATION (Determine format to be used) x Deliver content x Use of visual aids (laptop) x Product demonstrations x Handling objections x SALES PRESENTATION FORMATS FORMATS "CANNED" (FORMULA) "CANNED" x OUTLINED PRESENTATION OUTLINED x ADAPTIVE SELLING ADAPTIVE (MARKETING ORIENTATION) (MARKETING x "CANNED" SELLING CANNED" EXAMPLES EXAMPLES x x x INGRATIATION INGRATIATION FOOT-IN-THE-DOOR FOOT-IN-THE-DOOR DOOR-IN-THE-FACE DOOR-IN-THE-FACE ADAPTIVE SELLING FORMAT 1.DETERMINE CUSTOMER NEEDS & PERCEPTIONS 2.DEVISE STRATEGY TO SATISFY CUSTOMER NEEDS MULTIATTRIBUTE MODEL APPROACH ATTR. RATING ACTUA L CUSTOMER S.MAN EST. IMPORTANCE ACTUAL CUSTOMER S.MAN EST. RELIABILITY. 8 6 4 5 8 9 7 3 9 8 7 5 8 6 5 9 FLEXIBILITY. SERVICE ECONOMY CLOSE CLOSE Summarize benefits x Ask for the sale x Confirm the sale x Show appreciation x FOLLOW-UP FOLLOW-UP Ensure on-time delivery x Ensure customer satisfaction x Pursue add-on sales x Build/sustain relationship x RELATIONSHIP SELLING RELATIONSHIP A “Relationship Selling” approach is “Relationship exemplified by a salesperson who… exemplified x Listens x Expresses genuine concern x Keeps promises x Uses knowledge to meet customer Uses needs needs SALESFORCE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT SALES PLAN FORMULATION SALES x SALES OBJECTIVE x MAKE OR BUY ? x ORGANIZATION x REGIONAL REGIONAL x PRODUCT LINE PRODUCT x TYPE OF ACCOUNT TYPE x SIZE OF SALESFORCE SIZE WORKLOAD METHOD WORKLOAD NS = NC X CF X CL / AST NS = NUMBER OF SALESPEOPLE NC = NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS CF = CALL FREQUENCY (# PER YEAR) CL = AVERAGE LENGTH OF SALES CALL AST = AVERAGE AMOUNT OF SALESPERSON SELLING TIME AVAILABLE ANNUALLY EXAMPLE EXAMPLE NC = 35,000 CF = 26 CL = .50 HOURS AST = 1400 HOURS NS = 35,000 X 26 X .50 / 1400 NS = 325 SALES PLAN IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION x x x x x RECRUITING RECRUITING TRAINING TRAINING MOTIVATING MOTIVATING COMPENSATING COMPENSATING EVALUATING EVALUATING COMMON SALESPERSON EVALUATION MEASURES EVALUATION 1. Conversion Rate # Sales / # Calls 2. Meeting Quota $ Actual Sales / $ Sales Goals SALESFORCE COMPENSATION COMPENSATION x x x SALARY SALARY STRAIGHT COMMISSION STRAIGHT COMBINATION COMBINATION - SALARY PLUS COMMISSION - SALARY PLUS BONUS ...
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