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06-LCD - Input Output Input& Output Hardware and...

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Unformatted text preview: Input Output Input & Output Hardware and software perspectives on the LCD perspectives on the LCD Calculating execution time Calculating execution time Li Liquid Crystal Display Di HARDWARE PERSPECTIVE LCD interface LCD interface LCD_DATA 4 bits bits MicroBlaze GPIO LCD_E LCD_RS LCD_RW Weak MicroController LCD PANEL LCD Sub-System Signals Signals LCD SIGNAL LCD_RW LCD LCD_RS LCD_E LCD_DATA[0:3] FUNCTION Direction of data transfer. For us, always ‘0’. Register Select: ‘0’=access controller register, ‘1’=transfer data Transfer strobe. All transfers occur when ‘LCD_E’ is ‘1’ is 4-bit nibble data bus Writing Nibble to the LCD Writing a Nibble to the LCD LCD_DATA Reading Writing to the LCD Reading / Writing to the LCD We will only write to the device (RW = 0) LCD LCD GPIO (General (General Purpose Input/Output) Input/Output) LCD_Control (4 bits) LCD_Data (4 bits) bits) (Beginning Spring 2008, the OPB was replaced by the PLB) Reference: on Course Documents: Li Liquid Crystal Display Di SOFTWARE PERSPECTIVE Display Addresses Display Addresses LCD Character Set LCD Character Set LCD Control LCD Control ADDRESS= 0x75280000 0 UNUSED 27 28 E 31 RS RW AD LCD_E LCD_RS LCD_RW ADC_START LCD Data LCD Data ADDRESS= 0x75280008 0 UNUSED 27 28 31 D3 D2 D1 D0 LCD_DATA LCD Controller Commands LCD Controller Commands Gaps Between Commands Gaps Between Commands LCD_DATA LCD_DATA Using the LCD Using the LCD Before using the LCD, you must: using the LCD, you must: Initialize: a sequence of operations dictated by the manufacturer dictated by the manufacturer Customize: set the display up to your liking liking Initialization Sequence Initialization Sequence 1. Wait 15 ms 15 ms 2. Write 0x3, pulse LCD_E high for 24 cycles 3. Wait 4.1 ms 4. Write 0x3, pulse LCD_E high for 24 cycles 5. Wait 100 us 6. Write 0x3, pulse LCD_E high for 24 cycles 7. Wait 40 us 8. Write 0x2, pulse LCD_E high for 24 cycles 9. Wait 40 us Customization Sequence Customization Sequence 1. Function Set = 0x28 (4-bit interface, 2 line) - write 0x2, then write 0x8 2. Entry Mode (auto increment, shift display) Mode (auto increment shift display) 3. Display Set (enable, cursor on/off) 4. Clear Display = 0x01 Precision Delays Precision Delays Illustrative Example Illustrative Example DESCRIPTION: Craft a program that accepts a value in r1 and r4, and returns value in r1 If r1 !=0 r5 should contain upon returns a value in r1. If r1 !=0, r5 should contain upon completion the number of 1s in the value in r4. If r1 == 0, r5 should be the mirror image of the value in r4. Examples: r1=1, r4= 0x00012345 then r5 => 7 r1=0, r4= 0xfa000001 then r5 => 0x8000005f Bit Reversal Part Bit Reversal Part _start: start: addi loop: add src addi bnei done: bri done r4,r4,r4 r5,r5 r6,r6,-1 r6,loop r6,r0,32 How long does this does this take to execute? execute? Machine Code Machine Code Xilinx MicroBlaze GAS Version 2.9.4 bitrev.s page 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 .globl _start .org 0x50 0000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0050 20C00020 0054 0058 005c 0060 00842000 90A50021 20C6FFFF BC26FFF4 0064 B8000000 _start: addi loop: add src addi bnei done: bri r6,r0,32 r4,r4,r4 r5,r5 r6,r6,-1 r6,loop done From the From the . Latencies Latencies INSTRUCTION addi add src bnei * bri * * NOTE: CYCLES 1 1 1 1 or 3 or 3 The ‘D’ version would reduce these to 2 cycles Execution Time Execution Time _start: addi loop: add src addi bnei done: bri done ---TOTAL 191 CYCLES OCCUR TOTAL r6,r0,32 r4,r4,r4 r5,r5 r6,r6,-1 r6,loop 1 1 1 1 3 or 1 1 32 32 32 31/1 1 32 32 32 94 NOTE: for a 100MHz clock, this is equal to 1.91us. The Full Solution The Full Solution _start: beqid r1,mirror addi r6,r0,32 add bitcnt: add addic addi bnei bri r5,r0,r0 r5,r0,r0 r4,r4,r4 r5,r5,0 r6,r6,-1 r6 r6,bitcnt done mirror: add r4,r4,r4 src r5,r5 addi r6,r6,-1 bnei r6,mirror done: bri done THE THE END ...
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