Bode-MATLAB - Creating Bode plots in MATLAB From Sec 16.4.3...

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Unformatted text preview: Creating Bode plots in MATLAB From Sec 16.4.3 including small edits The MATLAB command bode generates a frequency response function from a transfer function or state space representation. The bode command used without left hand will generate two Bode plots. This feature is useful for quick viewing of the Bode plots, but it has two drawbacks. First, the plots may not be accurate if the system has poles close to the imaginary axis or if it is very complicated. Second, the frequency axis and/or scaling may not be suitable for the analysis task at hand. In either case it is desirable to generate the Bode plots according to a user selected scaling. The frequency points at which the frequency response function is computed can be specified by a frequency vector which is included in the right-hand arguments of the bode command. The command logspace will generate a vector of logarithmically spaced frequency points. When the bode command is invoked with left hand arguments, the magnitude and phase of the frequency response function are...
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