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Homework #1 (to be due on Jan 28 th , 2008) 1. Please reveal/explain the essence of “semi-” for the semiconductor materials. (weight:15%) 2. Please tell the difference among copper, intrinsic semiconductor , extrinsic semiconductor and insulators. (weight:15%) 3. What is the purpose and significance of intrinsic carrier concentration, electron concentration and hole concentration for intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors?
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Unformatted text preview: (weight:15%) 4. What is the definition of carrier? (weight:15%) 5. Silicon is doped with 2 × 10 17 boron atoms/cm 3 . (a) Is the material n- or p-type? (b) calculate the electron and hole concentrations at T =300K, and 250K respectively (c) what is the total carrier concentration at T =300K, and 250K respectively. (weight:20%) 6. Problem 1.9 (weight:20%)...
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