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Homework #3 (to be due onFeb 11 th , 2008) 1. Please illustrate the physical meaning of the load line? Whose I-V relationship is the load line to describe (weight:15%) 2. Please explain the significance of the DC equivalent circuit and its analysis in the AC analysis of a circuit with diode? In which condition, using a equivalent resistor, r d , as shown in Figure1.35(b), is good enough? Whereas, in which condition, we need to parallel the additional capacitors, as shown in Figure
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Unformatted text preview: 1.37? (weight:15%) 3. Problem 1.37 with the following modifications: Use Is = 2.682nA. Solve analytically using load line analysis. Submit graph of the load line and calculations. Verify solution with PSpice using part D1N4148 as the diode. (weight:20%) 4. Problem 1.43 with diode model in Figure 1.30(c) (weight:15%) 5. Problem 1.44 with diode model in Figure 1.30(c) (weight:15%) 6. Problem 1.53 with diode model in Figure 1.42 (weight:15%)...
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