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EXTRA QUESTIONS AS TUTORIAL Pleas note: Problems are from Electrical Engineering, Hambley, 5 th ed., 2011. 1.10 The circuit element shown has v = - 10V and i ba = 3 A. What is the value of v ba ? Be sure to give the correct algebraic sign. What is the value of i? Is energy delivered to the element or taken from it? Solution: The positive reference for v is at the head of the arrow, which is terminal b . The positive reference for v ba is terminal b . Thus, we have v ba = v = -10 V. Also, i is the current entering terminal a , and i ba is the current leaving terminal a . Thus, we have i = -i ba = -3 A. The true polarity is positive at terminal a , and the true current direction is entering terminal a. Thus, current enters the positive reference and energy is being delivered to the device. 1.13 The current through a particular circuit element is given by i(t) = 10 sin(200πt) A in which t is in seconds and the angle is in radians. (a)
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Extra_Questions_for_Tutorial_1 (3) - EXTRA QUESTIONS AS...

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