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Class Plan-ENGI16764-F10

Class Plan-ENGI16764-F10 - Class Plan Fall 2010 ENGI16764...

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Class Plan Fall 2010 ENGI16764: Applied Mechanics I This plan will work in conjunction with the course outlines available in the SLATE, through link to Sheridan website. Following policies will be followed in regard to the followings: Submission of assignments Penalty for late assignments Handling of the missed tests Late or missing class Handing out the Test and Assignments Test types, open or closed book Expected classroom behaviour Communicating with students Submission of assignments : Assignments will be posted in the Assignment section of the SLATE with a due and cutoff date. Students should be submitting the assignments on a hard copy with their name and section number written either on a cover page or on the top of the first page. A missing section number will incur a penalty of 10% of the total mark of that assignment. All drawings must be drawn neatly. No free hand drawing is accepted. The assignments could be either hand-written or typed. Assignments could be submitted personally to the Professor in the classroom or to the drop off box in front of Room B204. Penalty for late Submission : A late assignment must be submitted personally to the Professor and will incur a penalty of 10% per day of late after the due date. Under no circumstances, an assignment will be accepted after the graded assignments are handed back to the students.
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