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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) What is the primary ecological role of prokaryotes? A) parasitizing eukaryotes, thus causing diseases B) serving as primary producers in terrestrial environments C) metabolizing materials in extreme environments D) adding methane to the atmosphere E) the decomposition of organic matter Skill: Comprehension 2) Why do biologists now reject the use of a single kingdom Monera for all prokaryotic organisms? A) Molecular evidence shows that archaea and eukaryotes share a more recent common ancestor than archaea and bacteria. B) Only prokaryotic organisms show growth inhibition in the presence of antibiotics. C) Structural data show that bacteria are more closely related to eukaryotes and that archaea differ in a greater number of characteristics. D) Only eukaryotic organisms have membrane-enclosed organelles. E) Only species of archaea lack the noncoding parts of genes (that is, introns). Skill: Comprehension 3) If archaeans are more closely related to eukaryotes than to bacteria, then which of the following is it reasonable to propose? A) Archaean DNA should be single-stranded. B) Archaean ribosomes should be larger than typical prokaryotic ribosomes . C) Archaean genophores should have no protein bonded to them. D) Archaeans should lack cell walls. E) Archaean DNA should have no introns. Skill: Comprehension 4) Broad-spectrum antibiotics inhibit the growth of most intestinal bacteria. Consequently, a hospital patient who is receiving broad-spectrum antibiotics is most likely to become __________, assuming that nothing is done to counter the reduction of intestinal bacteria. A) unable to digest cellulose B) antibiotic resistant C) deficient in certain vitamins D) unable to fix nitrogen E) unable to synthesize peptidoglycan Skill: Application 5) The antibiotics known as penicillins inhibit the ability of certain bacteria to A) synthesize proteins. B) form spores. C) replicate DNA. D) synthesize cell walls. E) perform respiration. Skill: Knowledge 6) Prokaryotic organisms have recently been divided into two domains, bacteria and archaea. This division is based primarily on A) presence or absence of introns. B) Only B and C are correct. C) kind of inhibitor amino acid for start of protein synthesis. D) differences in cell wall composition. E) A, B, and C are correct. Skill: Knowledge 7) Though plants, fungi, and prokaryotes all have cell walls, we classify them in different taxonomic units. Which of these observations comes closest to explaining why these organisms are placed in different taxa?
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A) Some have cell walls only for protection from herbivores. B) Their cell walls are constructed from very different
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MULTIPLE - MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that...

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