Absolute Monarchs

Absolute Monarchs - Absolute Monarchs 1 Reasons for growth...

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Absolute Monarchs 1.) Reasons for growth : Church not in power (protestant reformation) Professional army Wealth from exploration and colonization Decline of Feudalism Middle Class Rise of Cities 2.) Weaknesses of the Ottoman Empire : Ottomans had no technology Ottomans had succession problems Artisans position went down Elite fought with each other Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment 3.) How did people think in the Scientific Revolution? Skepticism. Man begins to question old theories. 4.) General Enlightenment view on purpose of government Protect the citizens. Life Liberty and Property. 5.) Views of Locke : Life, Liberty and Property. Democracy. Right to Rebel Wollstoncraft : New changes should extend to women. Women’s rights in politics. Voltaire: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Montesquieu : Separation of Powers. Checks and Balances. Rousseau : Direct Democracy. Voting. Better Society. Beccaria : Did not believe in cruel and unusual punishment. Hobbes : People are all evil by nature. Absolute Monarchy. 19 th Century 6.) Society a.) Differences of society pre and post industrialization Pre: Upper class owned ½ of land, had majority of wealth, and ran nation through parliamentary and monarchy. Townspeople and then peasant farmers. Post: Upper class same percentage. Turned into nobility (managed estates, often held government positions) and then gentry (factory owners, big business merchants, bankers – nouveau riche). Middle class was 10 percent of population. Lower class was 85 percent of the population.
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LOOK AT CHART. b.) Gender Roles: Women 1/3 of upper and middle had chance to be domestic
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Absolute Monarchs - Absolute Monarchs 1 Reasons for growth...

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