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Study Guide for Roman Art (1) - Study Guide for Roman Art...

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Study Guide for Roman Art AP Art History Terms: Be able to identify these by sight, explain these in relation to art, and know an example of each in relation to a work of art… Roman Republic patrician plebian concrete architecture of space barrel vault buttressing groin vault clerestory dome drum oculus Roman Temple engaged column veristic Pompeii Mount Vesuvius forum basilica nave aisles amphitheater fresco Four styles of painting at Pompeii illusionism linear perspective atmospheric perspective still life Roman Empire Augustus (r. 27 BCE-14 CE) emperor Pax Romana divine emperor aqueduct pilaster triumphal arch Composite order equestrian statue continuous narrative coffers encaustic Late Empire tempera paint third century crisis Tetrarchy Constantine Edict of Milan Constantinople basilica likeness Christogram
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Identifications: Know these works by sight, title, artist (if known), date. Be able to explain and analyze these in relation to any concept, term, element, or principle… Roman Republic (509-27 BC) Temple of “Fortuna Virilis” (Temple of Portunus), Rome, c. 75 BCE Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia , Palestrina, Italy, late 2 nd century BCE Head of a Roman patrician, from Otricoli, Italy, c. 75-50 BCE, marble Roman paintings from ruins around Mount Vesuvius, dated through August 24, 79 CE Ixion Room of the House of the Vettii, Pompeii, c. 70-79 CE Still life with peaches, detail of a 4 th Style wall painting from Herculaneum, c. 62-79 CE Early Empire (27 BC- 96 AD) Portrait of Augustus as general, from Primaporta, Italy, copy of a bronze original c. 20 BCE
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Study Guide for Roman Art (1) - Study Guide for Roman Art...

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