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Chapter 5 - Name__________________________________________ Per_______ Date____________ 1. Refer to the Temple of Artemis at Corfu, 5-15, to discuss the "pediment problem." What is the "pediment problem"? 2. Briefly describe the lost wax or "hollow casting" method of casting bronze. 3. What is contrapposto ? Use an example to support/illustrate your response. 4. In your own words, why is Kritios Boy a final break from the Egypt-inspired pose of Archaic kouroi? 5. How is Doryphoros, Spear Bearer , by Polykleitos, a response to the "quest for the ideal"? 6. What was Polykleitos's "Prescription for the Perfect Statue"?
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7. What was the Akropolis? 8. Who was Perikles? What was his role in the development of the Akropolis?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What was the main purpose of the Parthenon (5-42)? 10. Like Polykleitos, the creators of the Parthenon believed that beauty was achieved by the use of harmonious mathematical proportions. However, the architects deviated from the strict mathematical precision. List three examples of this deviation. a. b. c. What reason did the Roman architect Vitruvius give for the deviations? 12. What do the metopes of the Parthenon depict, and what are they thought to symbolize? 13. Why is the Erechtheion an unusual building? What explanations are given for its unusual features? 14. List 3 stylistic features that characterize the relief of Nike Fastening Her Sandal (5-54). a. b. c....
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chpt5-studyguide - 9. What was the main purpose of the...

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