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World History Midterm Review - World History World Midterm...

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World History World History Midterm Exam Review 2007 Midterm Exam Review 2007 Directions: Use your notes, textbook readings, handouts, homework assignments, old quizzes & exams, and primary source documents to study for this exam. You may already have some of the questions below completed, as well as identified some of the terms (if not all) in your notes or in homework assignments. When studying for this exam, pay close attention to the material you are LEAST familiar with first, and then review the material you are already familiar with. Ancient Mesopotamia Ancient Mesopotamia Terms to Know: cuneiform theocracy patriarchal polytheistic Uruk Hammurabi’s Code Sumerians Akkadians ziggurat Epic of Gilgamesh 1. What process was necessary to grow crops on a regular basis in Mesopotamia? 2. What were the three main social groups in the Sumerian city-states? What was their role in society? 3. How did Ancient Mesopotamians use creation stories (Epic of Gilgamesh) to explain how the earth was created? What lessons were taught in these creation stories? 4. What contributions did the Ancient Mesopotamians make to civilization? 5. Why was religion important to the people of Ancient Mesopotamia? 6. How did nomadic peoples affect the centers of civilization in Ancient Mesopotamia? 7. The Ancient Mesopotamians developed methods by which they could manipulate metals. Explain how the Ancient Mesopotamians used metals in their civilizations and why this was significant to the development of civilization in general. 8.
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World History Midterm Review - World History World Midterm...

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