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Early Christian & Byzantine Art Study Guide Stokstad Chapter 7, pgs 249-270 Gardner Chapter 8 & 9, pgs 256-317 Vocabulary Ambulatory Baptistery Basilica Catacomb Cloisonne Cruciform Deisis House Church Icon Iconoclasm Lunette Manuscript Orant pose Pantokrator Reverse perspective Sarcophagus Scriptorium Tesserae Historical Evidence 1. Discuss the connections between Rome, Constantinople and Christianity. 2. Discuss the historical developments that occurred from Early Christian period to the Late Byzantine? 3. What are the dates for Iconoclasm? What were the differing opinions surrounding this controversy? 4. What impact did the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 by the Ottoman Turks have on our current understanding of Byzantine art and architecture? Interpretation and Meaning 1. What was the original function of the catacombs? Explain several problems interpreting the subject matter of the catacomb paintings in Rome.
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